Tuesday, January 20, 2009

UFO Quilting

I have taken an old project our of the cupboard and have decided to quilt it on the machine myself. It is a small quilt with stitchery blocks on it that I made last year every Sunday while my husband flew his model aeroplane. My parents are going home tomorrow and I have begun working on a building design project. I work on that in the evenings when it not so hot.

I am looking forward to going back to our quilting group which starts on the 29th January.

Thank you to everybody who has made comments about various things on this blog. This new world of blogging is amazing but som
etimes tricky to find interesting things to put on so today I will show you this small UFO Quilt.

The fabric used in this is Robert Kauffman Mary Rose Quilt Gate No 11 or 12. I cant remember exactly. Summer days have been hot and evenings pleasant, so many hours have been spent in the garden watering and weeding. There is not many flowers at the moment only the beginning of the second flush of David Austin roses.

Goodbye for now

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