Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Avalon Airshow 2009

Firstly, I would like to thank everybody who has made comments on this blog.  As a relative newbie to blogland, it is very exciting to hear from other bloggers out there.

Secondly, the subject of this post is the Avalon Airshow in Melbourne, Aust.  After meeting my husband at Melbourne airport we made our way to pick up a rental car and drove to our hotel for the night.  

Upon arriving at the Airshow the next day at 8.30 in the morning, we encountered a multitude of people in wet weather gear carrying umbrellas as the cold front approached with avengance.  We were unprepared for rain (how silly) but still made our way to the just arrived Qantas A380, which was absolutly HUGE.  We sheltered under the wing of something old and historic as the rain poured down.  A break in the rain appeared for a split second (few minutes in fact) as we ran to the shelter of the Lara Scout group tent where we stayed for nearly 2 hours with other soaked patrons.

Here come the rain clouds

Temporary shelter under wings.

After the rain cleared (or was reduced to spits every now and then) we were able to watch the flying of the A380 as it left to go to Sydney and the aerobatic stunt planes and jet fighters.  

Apart from the wet weather, the day was worthwhile and interesting.  We boarded a plane back to Tassie that evening and were back home by about 9pm.  It was nice to be home.  My Son and I are not very good travellers but rather a pair of homebodies. 

I have pulled out heaps of patterns that I have accumulated over the years and have been debating what to make with my newly aquired sachet potpouri fabric.  I have decided on a Rabbit Factory Pattern called "Blooms all Around".  It is really pretty.  I plan a weekend sewing marathon to get my BOM's up to date and perhaps start this new quilt.

So I will bid you all farewell, and send best wishes to everybody.

Bye Bye for now

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Suprises Surprises!

What a great couple of few days this week.  I have just picked up two quilts from the quilter.  One is A Gardeners Journal and the other is Teddy's Garden Treasures. 
They both look excellent, the quilting is amazing.  Now, to sew on the binding and have them ready for exhibition in September for LPQ (Launceston Patchwork and Quilters).

Two parcels arrived this morning.  The first was the newest Homespun Mag and the other was fat quarters from the US.  

The fabric range is called Sachet Potpouri from Marcus Brothers.  The colours are so beautiful.  I have just the perfect pattern in mind.  I also received the last installment of the Truly Scrumptious BOM.  

Will be attending Avalon Airshow with husband and son this weekend.  That should be exciting, we have never been to an airshow this big before.  Have not had a holiday for many years.

Apart from that I will be sewing all weekend as always.  

Signing off for now, back to work I go.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Lovely Patterns!

Hello everybody.  It has been a very busy week or past few weeks I should say.  My computer was in a thousand pieces on the kitchen table a couple of days ago while a technician changed parts and adjusted faults.  We are now back in action.  There has not been much production in terms of quilting, but I have bought some new patterns from The Rabbit Factory and a new book from Bronwyn Hayes.

I am still knitting a jumper for my husband.  It is my second jumper and very slow going in 8 ply.  A photo of the finished piece will appear in the future.  

I have also been teaching myself how to use Photoshop through various tutorial magazines etc and it is a lot more difficult than I thought.  I will persevere because it is amazing.

Autumn is apon us and some of the trees in our garden are starting to change colour and we are getting visited by parrots and other birds.  It is a very beautiful time of year.  signing off for now, Happy Stitching to all of you out there.