Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy News

Todays post is just a short one to let you all know that the wayward wonderer's have returned home after being lost for 4 days..

It was a real surprise to find them both collapsed at the back door after we had spent time, energy and nerves looking for them. They were weak, skinny, hungry, dirty and covered in ticks but otherwise uninjured.

It seems that they could have been tempted by an animal and decided to get to it and chase it so therefore becoming lost in the bush in the area.

They have been sleeping and resting..They will hopefully recover and be back to their old selves again..

This video was uploaded to Youtube on the day they returned..I started filming them as soon as I saw them there on the back veranda.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

LPQ Saturday Christmas Lunch

Today was the LPQ Christmas lunch at Tamar Cove Restaurant, Beauty Point. It was a sunny but windy day and lots of quilters were there. The food was really nice, I had fish with salad and potato croquets with lemon butter sauce. Plum pudding for dessert.

I was lucky enough to win 2 raffle prizes which are pictured. Also a stop at Calico Crossroads quit shop at Exeter on the way there and on the way back proved very fruitful. I signed up for another BOM for next year called Pop's Garden by Threadbare and bought a couple of fat quarters.

The picture immediately below is of the lovely gift I received from my very good friend Leanne (Lizzie's Page).

While at Calico Crossroads I found this pattern..It is really beautiful. A nice winter project to do..

These are the raffle prizes I won at the lunch. 2 Magazines and some really gorgeous fabric.

Here is Calico Crossroad at Exeter....A must do place to visit..

Here we all are enjoying good food, drink, company and atmosphere all in the name of friendship and Quilting..

Friday, December 11, 2009

Who Let the Dogs Out??????????

Yesterday, our two dogs decided to make a run for the hills and we have not seen them since..Today was spent making flyers and letterbox dropping all the houses in the area...

We found a very small area of bent wire in the fence where they have squeezed through...Well what can I say except that we cant do anything more than we have already...Now we just wait...Hopefully someone will find them and ring us...

This is a little video that I made of them and our letterbox drop today..

I was looking forward to a weekend of sewing, which I still may do but the mood has now changed...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Lights..

As Christmas is approaching fast, people have started decorating their houses. This post shows a couple of the ones we have seen so far. Christmas light drives have become a tradition here so we spend many hours driving around until the wee hours of the morning looking for houses that have been decorated..

Christmas carols played on the piano sound from our house and we are looking forward to roast turkey and all the trimmings.

The house below is ours...This is our Christmas tree for this year. Out indoor one is too big and cumbersome so we are going to get a smaller one. So this year instead of taking out our bulky tree, we decided to have a Christmas apricot tree instead.

Christmas is a magical time to spend with lots of LOVE and good cheer...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas is coming!!

It has been some time since my last post. How the time flies. I did not realize how long it had been and I was also having trouble with blogger passwords and pictures.
I have been busy with many things like gardening and husband being home for over a month and being annoying.

Christmas lunches and BBQ's are going to be the regular activity over the next few weeks. I am looking forward to those and hopefully NOT putting on weight that I don't need.

A beautiful spring day was had visiting the Entally House annual Garden Festival in Northern Tasmania. Lots of nice things to see and do like walking in the historic gardens and having a look at the house. Listening to music and eating ice cream
Back to some hand piecing with one of my recent UFO's. Maybe I might have pictures of this project to show later on..

I have bought some lovely new fabric called Sweet Rose and it is pictured if I can get the picture thing to work properly. I also bought a really pretty pattern called Home Tweet Home which is an applique quilt featuring birdhouses.

Have a very happy and safe Christmas and new year. L.O.V.E to all of you..