Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It has been a very nice few weeks since my last post. I have managed some progress with a large BOM quilt from the USA that I have been working on for a while.. It is not quite ready to be photographed yet..

We have been picking apples which are just ripe now. The possums have been very active so saving fruit is a priority now in the garden as is keeping things watered even though it rained a lot the other night.

The sunset was really intense over the trees to the west so I took a picture of it

My sister and parents posted us a really beautiful gift for Easter.. It was so cute that I had to put up pictures here. It is a really cute tin with a surprise inside.
Below is the top of the tin. The pictures also run around the side of the tin as well.

Then with lid open, lots of coloured straw..

Then the surprise underneath the straw.. A pair of baby chickens in a nest with lots of chocolate eggs..

I have also finished block one of a new BOM called In Pops Garden. Photo of that will be next post.


Friday, March 12, 2010

After a long blog absence

Well see how easily time flies. It has been forever since I updated this blog and yes I am ashamed.

Since my last post I have been entertaining visiting relatives and children on school holidays. I have not had much time for quilting but have managed to slowly get back to it.

I have started making videos and have made one about Tasmania. Here it is..

I will update more quilting related things later. I have started a new BOM and will finish my block and put it up here as well..