Friday, April 17, 2009

Autumn Exitement!

I love Autumn!  The colours of the trees are just so beautiful and inspiring.  The days have been sunny and cool and nights have been cold.  Alot of knitting has been going on here and so to some planning of future quilts.  

The arrival of a parcel from America with the Dear Jane book I ordered was received with great excitiment as well as trepidation.  The more I studied the patterns and quilt itself, led me to think "Its not so difficult".  Then to my cupboard to pick out fabrics, what a delight.  A quilt that lends itself to any type of fabric colours.
The fabrics that I have chosen are a mixture of reproduction fabrics and non reproductions that all seem to blend in well.  I still need to find more golds and lighter golds. This project is a milestone if completed.  I was a Dear Jane sceptic but and now seeing the attraction that so many have with it.

The garden is awash with colourful trees and foliage.  Two dogs are having a wonderful time chasing leaves blowing in the wind.  Toffee the Labrador and Little Pip posed willingly for the photos.

I have been knitting a husband jumper for some time now.  It is 8 ply wool so it is very slow going.  Its the second jumper I have ever made.  Its good to do at night in front of the television.  

This portion of jumper is half of the front.  The back is finished and is done in the darker brown colour.  The sleeves will be striped. 

I am sooo looking forward to May 2 in Campania.  It will be like a holiday which is way overdue.

I hope everybody had a nice Easter.  We stayed at home and ate Easter eggs and I cooked a nice roast on Sunday.

Happy Stitching 

Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm still here!

It has been some time since my last post.  I began to feel strange and anxious about what to put on this one.  I am running out of photos so will have to take some more especially now that Autumn is here and the trees are starting to change colour.

I have been working of late and more projects are popping up some of them too good to turn down.  So I 
have been busy with that.  Although last week I was home alone while our son went to camp with school and my husband when to work (He works abroard).  I got a lot of things done workwise and some sewing progress was made.

There are only two truly scrumptious blocks to stitch before I can put the quilt together.  The photo below is of the four little lady heads that will be going in the corners in the centre of the quilt.  They are very cute even though they are not quite finished yet.

Last week we removed a very large radiata pine from our back yard.  It had become a big pain in the neck dropping needles and creating thick darkness, so out it came and the sun came through like a whole new world.  

The weekend was lazy so a pie was on order.  I made a delicious creamy chicken pie, with bacon, onion and mustard and three different types of cheese.

I have also been curious about a "Dear Jane" quilt.  I have ordered the book but as to whether I will make it is another story.  Perhaps one day, like all the other projects waiting to be made.

Signing off for now