Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Holiday by the beach..

I have returned to blog land after spending a week at my parents house in New South Wales. I spent the week looking through shops and driving around. I read books and listened to music on my ipod.I found a Hobbysew shop which was predominately quilting things. I bought a couple of little things including the new Piecemakers time and seasons calender for 2010. It is just beautiful.

It is nice to be back home. A week without the internet is too painful and sad.

The pictures shown here are of Wollongong harbour on a very busy and HOT day. During my stay there the temps were in the high 20's. It was a bit of a shock for me coming from a cold and rainy winter here in Tas.

I am looking forward to posting more interesting things on my blog since it has been a bit neglected due to my MJHD ( addiction, which I am still suffering from and is in no way abating.

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