Monday, August 10, 2009

One month of rain!

Yes that is the news here, it will be raining for the whole month of August. Plenty of good reasons to catch up of sewing and knitting projects.

I have now returned to the land of blog after a very interesting absence. I have been struck by a very sad and odd addiction to the "michael Jackson hoax death" web site forums. Once you get hooked it is very hard to leave. I have also been working alot.

I have pictured a project which I made earlier and also a picture of the lovely birthday gift that was given to me by a dear friend (leanne)
Lizzie's page.

I have finished getting quilts ready for the LPQ exhibition which will be on the 10 - 12th September.

The first pictures (2) are of a knitting needle case that I made and the third one is of my birthday gift. Thank you very much Leanne, I love it.

Until next time, I will try to keep up with posts every now and then.
Bye Bye