Friday, September 11, 2009

Roll Up Roll Up! It's SHOWTIME......

It does not happen that often but when it does its BIG!. That 's the Launceston Patchwork and Quilters Quilt Exhibition. There are hundreds of beautiful quilts to look at, A gorgeous raffle quilt that you could win and The Quilt Patch has set up shop as well.
Now that the sun has come out finally, why not spend today or tomorrow OR Today AND Tomorrow at the Exhibition? It is on for two more days Friday 11th from 10 - 5pm and Saturday 12th from 10 - 5pm. Entry is $5 at the Punchbowl Christian Centre, in Punchbowl, Launceston and well worth the visit.

Spring has sprung, what better time of the year to get inspired to make new projects. I am planning to finish some older UFO's and move on to other things like more traditional applique and pieced quilts. Then when the next exhibition comes around I'll have different quilts to put in.

time to get back to work now and dream of new projects and finishing old ones (perhaps finishing old ones may not be a dream!)

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