Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy News

Todays post is just a short one to let you all know that the wayward wonderer's have returned home after being lost for 4 days..

It was a real surprise to find them both collapsed at the back door after we had spent time, energy and nerves looking for them. They were weak, skinny, hungry, dirty and covered in ticks but otherwise uninjured.

It seems that they could have been tempted by an animal and decided to get to it and chase it so therefore becoming lost in the bush in the area.

They have been sleeping and resting..They will hopefully recover and be back to their old selves again..

This video was uploaded to Youtube on the day they returned..I started filming them as soon as I saw them there on the back veranda.


  1. Hurray! I was beginning to worry. At least they found their way home and not via the pound. It will be a very Happy Christmas at Grindelwald now!

  2. I am sooooo happy for you and for them. Obviously, they are very loved. We have adopted 5 'throwaway' pets that no one wanted and they bring sooooo much joy into our home. I would be frantic if one of them disappeared even for an hour...I don't know how you held it together. The video brought tears to my eyes. check our my pet pictures on my blog. hugs to you and puppies

  3. soo glad they both came home unhurt it's so hard when they do that kind of thing even for short time let alone four days