Friday, August 13, 2010


It was my birthday the other day (9 August 2010). As every other birthday this one was no different except for a few things. I spent the morning working on an applique project and planning what things I would work on after I finish this particular project. My husband bought me a new camera as a gift so between Monday and today I have been taking photos and video recording different things and learning how to use this new gadget.

My best quilting buddy and best bud in general Leanne of Lizzie's Page blog which can be found in the right hand side column here, surprised me with a couple of gifts which was really kind of her to do. These are pictured here. A beautiful set of fat quarters, a gorgeous quilt pattern, a pair of small scissors and a set of templates for the shapes in the pattern. THANK YOU LEANNE ♥

I thought the possum card was sooo cute.

The days following was spent baking a cake and enjoying things. To end it I recieved many greetings and wishes from friends and family which all made getting older a lot less painful.

Signing off

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  1. I'm glad you liked your birthday pressies, can't wait to see your new camera.

    Love leanne