Monday, April 5, 2010

Some Simple Things.

I have managed to do some simple things over a couple of days.

Preparation for the "Life Is Beautiful" quilt by Helen Stubbings has begun. I am cutting fabric to start this project after I finish Bronwyn Hayes "songbirds". I have pieced all the blocks for Songbirds together and have to embroider about 5 blocks before finishing it completely.

The fabric I am using is a mix of Sachet Pot Puri and Mrs March's flower patch. In shades of pink, blue, Ivory, black, greens. Darks and Lights.

Stars Around the Garden BOM from the USA is coming along as well. I am in the process of completing the pieced blocks. Only 6 to go there. The appliqu├ęd medallion in the centre of the quilt is also ongoing. The picture below is of the 2 newest blocks completed.

While in Sheffield, we paid a visit to the Emporium antique shop where I found a collection of Vintage Sheet Music for Piano and voice. I was really excited so I bought 2 books of songs belonging to 2 different Edwardian ladies. Dates for the music ranges between 1898 and 1921. I now will spend my evenings playing these songs with great enthusiasm.

Hopefully by the time I am ready for my next post there might be pictures of a finished Songbirds by Bronwyn Hayes to show you.

Bye Bye for now ♥


  1. You have been busy haven't you, Those murals are lovely.

  2. Interesting music.
    I really like your blog.

  3. Hi Marina,
    you are so lucky to be able to play the music. We have a piano but alas it sits dormant as no one can play.