Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting into the Spring of things!

It is nice to see that everybody in blog land has been so busy with really beautiful projects. Now that the sun is finally out there will be more daylight hours for more quilting and stuff.

I have been finishing off other
things and now am ready to get back to my very neglected sewing projects and more blog posts. There are so many unfinished things I need to get onto and now I can.

The garden here is very colourful and even mo
re fragrant. Lilacs are blooming. The picture below is of a large lilac bush at the entry to our back patio where there are three large wisterias that have not opened with flowers yet.

Todays post will be short. We have friends coming over for dinner and there is supermarket shopping to do yet. I can't wait to post more quilt related things as I am about to start finishing off some very special projects. They are not far from being ready for photo.

A couple of weeks ago we had a little drama when our little dog (and her accomplice) decided to squeeze themselves under a fence and head for the hills. Toffee (the accomplice Labrador) was captured with a piece of roast chicke
n by a neighbor and returned home but Pip went MIA for about 40 hours until we eventually found her. The fear of God is now in them both and they refuse to go near any open gates or closed ones for that matter.


  1. Hi Marina
    I can't wait to see some quilty things you have been working on, we must get toegther for a sewing day soon. Maybe in November some time,

  2. Oh dear. Poor puppies. That is my fear with my Georgia. I am so worried she will escape and just keep running. I am glad they are safe and well.