Monday, March 9, 2009

Lovely Patterns!

Hello everybody.  It has been a very busy week or past few weeks I should say.  My computer was in a thousand pieces on the kitchen table a couple of days ago while a technician changed parts and adjusted faults.  We are now back in action.  There has not been much production in terms of quilting, but I have bought some new patterns from The Rabbit Factory and a new book from Bronwyn Hayes.

I am still knitting a jumper for my husband.  It is my second jumper and very slow going in 8 ply.  A photo of the finished piece will appear in the future.  

I have also been teaching myself how to use Photoshop through various tutorial magazines etc and it is a lot more difficult than I thought.  I will persevere because it is amazing.

Autumn is apon us and some of the trees in our garden are starting to change colour and we are getting visited by parrots and other birds.  It is a very beautiful time of year.  signing off for now, Happy Stitching to all of you out there.


  1. Those who master Photoshop have amazing results.
    Lovely patterns.

  2. Hi Marina....I just found your blog through Jo! I love your new patterns...lots of inspiring ideas there!! Cathy

  3. Hi, just come over from Jo's blog to say hi and welcome to the blogoverse!
    i just love Bronwyn Hayes - her patterns are so cute!


  4. We do not get parrots in Ireland, except for the ones in cages, well then there are our Politicians....but the birds are sweetly singing. Natural beauty hugs us. Love your designs.

    Drop by www.prayerspa.blogspot