Tuesday, February 3, 2009

After the heatwave

Hello everybody out there in blog land.  It has been a very unusual week with temperatures here in Tasmania higher than they probably have ever been.  It has been very difficult to do anyhting except sit infront of the fan.  All of you in Victoria and South Australia would know what I mean.

The other day (Sunday), I invited a couple of friends over and we had a very nice sewing day here at my house.  Leanne (Lizzie's Page, in the blog list below), came over and showed all of her projects and Tina brought along her projects as well, we ate, sewed and looked at fabric.  It was really fun.

I have had one of my older quilts returned from being machine quilted.  It is shown below.  The quilt top was made for our son in 2005, the design came from a book called "Take away Applique" .  I have altered some of the animal designs and made them my own and also the block design is different.

My American block of the month arrived the other day and I have been slowly finishing them. They are also shown below.

There have been several other things that I have been working on including the Homespun Breast of friends quilt and some knitting.  Winter is coming and knitting projects are in the pipeline as well.  I will be knitting my husband a jumper.

Signing off for know
Happy Stitching